How will I know if the chair cover will fit the chair that I will be using?
We will check the fit before we book the date. We are familiar with the type
and size of chairs at most of the venues.

What if you don’t have my colors of sashes or overlays?

We have over 50 different colors on hand and if we don’t have your color we
can order it at no extra charge to you.

Can I use more than one color sash?

Yes you can.

How much is the deposit to book an event date?
We charge 30% of the total charge.

Do you offer setup, delivery, take down and pickup services?
Yes, all of these services are FREE. We take pride in our setups.

Can I do my own setup?
Yes, you can do the setup yourself.

Can I change the number of chair covers that I have rented?
Yes, but it is best to inform us as soon as possible.

Can I order just sashes?
Yes, and you can order just chair covers, overlays or runners as well.

What are my payment options?
We have a monthly payment plan to make it easier on everyone's budget.
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